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The effects of detoxification, relaxation, and brief supportive therapy on chronic pain.

Seven chronic pain patients (six with abdominal pain and one with headache pain) were detoxified from analgesic medications, taught relaxation techniques, and given an average of 3 supportive therapy sessions. The effects of these procedures at posttreatment and at 6 months follow-up were analyzed by means of self-report diaries of pain, mood, activity and medication usage. There was a significant reduction in pain from posthospital in 5 of 7 patients and a significant reduction in pain at 6-month follow-up for all patients. There was a significant reduction in medication use for all subjects. Mood ratings tended to improve when pain was reduced, and some patients reported increased activity levels. Detoxification combined with relaxation and supportive therapy appears to produce significant relief from pain for these 7 patients.

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